#2 – Paris?

So the second time I met my SD we went for a few drinks for a lunch. I did not get anywhere near as tipsy as I had the first time (I broke the first rule, but I had fun doing it and he didn’t mind at all) and we just talked for hours on end, to say that we get on well is an understatement, he gave me a small amount of cash so I could spend my Friday night out with the girls and not worry and told me I would get my first real payment on Tuesday morning. Which gave me the opportunity to buy some new clothes for our date Tuesday night 😀 Eek!


We discussed a lot, the most important things about our “Relationship” were re-hashed just so we were definitely on the same page. He claims not to be worried about how long it takes us to finally sleep together, he says it will happen when the moment is right and that in all honesty he loves spending time with me (let’s face it I am awesome), obviously he’s male but the chase is much more of a turn on for him, even if he is paying for my company. Fair play. So we drank some more, got to know each other more with a game of would you rather, (we even discussed butter or margarine, deep stuff).


He asked when my exams are over (two weeks if you must know) and he said he’ll take m to Paris for a weekend! Exciting stuff!

Now I’m just worried about being kidnapped and left to fend for myself in Paris, batting people with a baguette. I’ve known him all of a week should I shouldn’t I? I need your help Babies 😉


Lots of Sugar Love x


#1 – What am I doing?!

It all started with a simple suggestion from a friend.

Being a student is hard, and some courses are more time consuming and intense than others, I’d love to have a normal job, but I just don’t have the time for shift work and working until three in the morning. So when my friend (Lets call her Ali) suggested I become a Sugar Baby (SB) I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting myself into.


Two weeks later I was signed on to Website that catered for these kind of arrangements. To begin with I had a handful of men with serious propositions but their photos were non-existent and they so were their manners. Then there was the large group of men that seemed to believe Mutually Beneficial Relationships were primarily for Escorts, which they’re not.  I like older men. I like the wisdom and maturity that comes with dating older men compared to dating men my own age. The only thing is I get paid for my company.


After talking to a few men from the site I was about to give up. I was losing interest in these men, they just wanted to talk there was no possibility of them acting on what they were saying. So, just as I was about to remove my account, I received a message from a gentleman (lets call him Josh). Before he said anything else he apologized in advance if I found the age gap between us inappropriate (him being 58 and me just turning 21) and asked very politely if I could look at his profile and maybe get in touch with him.

We arranged to meet very quickly and as far as dates go I had a blast, we met in a local bar, had a few drinks and chatted. Josh is a married man, but incredibly unhappily so. He assured me that he’d had SB’s before and there was no possibility of me being a home wrecker, he repeatedly told me I was lovely, beautiful etc. We then went for food and more drinks before eventually popping me into a taxi. He isn’t the most attractive of men and he was very honest about everything he wanted from me and what he would give in return, but he was funny and gentlemanly which is more than I was used to. I was flattered and we both felt a connection.


We planned to meet again two days later…